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Young Joseph, the Glass-looker

Young Joseph Smith Seer Stone Hat Money Digging Treasure


Between 1819-1827, Joseph made money as a money digger. His role in these excursions was to use a stone in the bottom of his white top hat to view treasure beneath the earth and tell others where to dig. This image imagines what Joseph would have looked like during this period. It was made using the youngest available photos of his sons, his death mask, and a body borrowed from a contemporary.


The white stovepipe hat is patterned after these hats from 10-20 years after Josephs money digging ceased (after the advent of daguerreotype photography).


A white beaver felt stovepipe hat from 1830 that belonged to P.T. Barnum.

The pouch around Joseph's neck contained parchments that offered protection and bound evil spirits during treasure digs. You can learn more about these parchments at

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